About me

Bonjour, my name is Alexandre Le Moëligou. I’m a French Canadian. I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. If someone were to ask me to describe myself in one word, I’d say “creative”. Ever since I was very young, I always had a passion for creating things which were linked to technology, that could have a positive impact on people. After having worked on numerous projects myself for my previous businesses, I very soon realized that a project can be very expensive to develop. That’s why I had a quick think about it and started working on a range of development methods to rapidly turn my ideas into action.

I now have over 10 years’ experience in web product development, both in user experience design and in business development and commercialization. During this time, I worked on countless projects of my own accord for the two businesses that I started, one being centred around eLearning and the other around web and mobile apps. These experiences helped me to acquire a deep and vast knowledge of web & mobile product development, mainly by adopting ‘lean’ methodology.

My key strength is being able to recognize market problems and create products that fulfil consumer needs and interests, with minimal possible costs.

I hold a degree in Multimedia Integration from College de Maisonneuve and two certificates in Business Management from HEC Montréal.

I love extreme sports (snow, surf, skate), travelling, reading business books, taking pictures and producing videos. I have travelled cumulatively for 11 months of my life and this has opened my mind and had a profound effect on the person I am today.

Do you have an innovation or design project? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!